Monday, October 10, 2011

Cobb County and the CogAT

As an educator, I always find it very proud to see that the county that I live in have such high standards and expectations that they set upon their students. Last week, Cobb County students had to take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, otherwise known as the ITBS. This standardized test is one that ranks all of the students in the nation as far as basic skills are concerned. Beginning today, I had gotten wind that students had to take yet another series of tests to assess their basic proficiencies. The CogAT is another test where students are tested based on their problem solving and thinking skills. As much as I dislike the "idea" of tests, I do think that it is a good thing that the students be tested.


These standardized tests mentioned above are important in determining the level of academic rigor our students are being exposed to. Rather than giving students standardized based questions based on the Georgia Performance Standards, it would be a good indicator to see how our students are performing on the national level. When our students are graduating from high school, they will no longer be competing with neighborhood high school students but with students found all across the county for scholarships and then eventually, jobs that will help them secure the future. As much as our students may grunt at the thought of opening up that "special notebook" - it is good practice for helping them in the future.

Cobb County Students - good luck!

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